black hand

Towers of Waiting

The adventurers stumbled upon a camp of refugees hiding from the Lord of Sloth. Upon entering the camp the group is told that there has been trouble with undead lately. in order to help the small group of people they decided to head into the battle plain to search out, and hopefully end the undead assault on the land.

Most of the party have intentions of only looting what they can from the land and figured that by killing these creatures they could demand a sizable reward from the camp. p. A cleric of Nural sees that the undead being alive is against the order of his gods will, to maintain the balance of death the dead should stay that way. p. The lonely bard has taken to this group in hopes of them being a powerful escort to keep him out of danger. he offers his abilities to charm others in the land to their will along with a silver tongue worthy of a master politician.



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